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Auto Locksmith Services

1st For Locks provides a comprehensive auto locksmith service across the North East of England . All services can be provided at your home or business address at a time that is convenient for you. If you're locked out of your car or van or just need a replacement key 1st For Locks Auto Locksmiths can provide a cost effective solution 24 hours a day.

Vehicle Opening


If you have locked your only set of keys in your vehicle do not despair. 1st For Locks Auto Locksmiths are fully trained at non destructive opening of a large range of cars and vans.  We carry the latest range of tools and equipment enabling us to open your vehicle in a short space of time without any damage.

Spare Keys & Remotes


If you purchased your car or van with only one key or have  just lost the spare we can provide you with extra keys at prices considerably cheaper than visiting a main dealer. We are able to provide spare keys and remotes at a price to meet your budget by choosing from  a straight forward key, aftermarket remotes or genuine manufacturer parts. It is always advisable to have a spare key for any vehicle as replacing keys when all have been lost can be considerably more expensive.

Lost Keys


In situations where all keys have been lost or stolen new keys will be required to be cut and programmed into your car or vans ECU. At 1st For Locks Auto Locksmiths we can cut and programme many types of vehicle keys enabling you to use your car or van again. Where keys have been stolen we can remove them from the vehicles ECU memory, as a result they will no longer start the vehicle, rendering them useless and to any thief.

Emergency Key Replacement


Often the situation arises where all keys have been lost and the vehicle is parked in a car park or by the roadside. We are enable to build you an emergency key or remote ton the spot that will start your vehicle and get you on your way.

Duplicate Keys

We are able to product a cost effective duplicate key for you vehicle by using  cloaning technology.

Vehicle Key Programming


Durham Auto Locksmiths are capable of programming many types of vehicle keys and remotes to your cars ECU, using the latest in automotive technology at prices considerably cheaper than main dealerships.

Slam Locks & Deadlocks


Slam & Dead locks are favoured by many commercial vehicle owners as an additional level of protection to their van. Slam locks are designed to ensure the door of any vehicle they are fitted to will automatically lock when closed. Deadlocks are particularly useful to tradesmen who store high value tools in vans overnight.  Fitting high security deadlocks to any vehicle provides an additional visual and physical deterrent to any car or van, working along side any existing vehicle locking system. In many circumstances the fitting of high security dead locks can reduce the cost of insurance while protecting the contacts of the vehicle.  1st For Locks Locksmiths can fit a wide range of slam  & deadlocks including the ArmaDlock Van Lock from Mul T Lock & Locks4Vans slam locks at your business or home address.

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